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Delivery radius?

If you are within our immediate 20 mile delivery radius, we will deliver your order directly to your doorstep.
Your specific delivery details will be communicated to you via text message using the number provided with your order.

If you are outside of our 20 mile delivery radius, your order will be shipped via UPS overnight.
Please allow an additional 1 to 3 business days for processing.

Where does TRG deliver?

In Georgia?
Our delivery drivers will deliver your order up to 20 miles outside of the City Of Atlanta, including the City Of Atlanta.

In Georgia but you’re outside of our immediate 20mi delivery radius? Your order will be packed and shipped overnight via UPS. Your tracking details will be communicated by both text and email.

Out Of State?
Your order will be packed and shipped overnight.
Please allow an additional 1 to 3 business days for processing. 

Can I pick up my order?

Pickups are available at any of our satellite or mini fridge locations (Atl-Grant Park or Westside Village; Doraville; Decatur; or East Pointe) during normal business hours which is always communicated to you by someone from our team.

Please await for your specific communication as we are often out of the production kitchen completing doorstep deliveries during scheduled hours.
Deliveries are a 24-48hr turnaround unless we are in an influx of orders.

Can we just purchase TRG juice without placing an online order?

Atlanta - Grant Park
Beauty by Kash / Be Wellthy
519 Memorial Dr SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

Atlanta - Westside

Phace it beauty bar
2250 Marietta Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30318

Decatur - Mayweather Fit
430 N. McDonough St Ste. D
Decatur, GA 30030

Doraville - R. Loft
2544 McClave Dr. Ste. 104
Doraville, GA 30340

Help! What juices will come in my order? I don’t see a menu.

We have over 60 different juice blends and 97.99% of our clients are unsure about what fruit & vegetable combinations to assemble to reach their intended goal.
So, if you ask, “what do I need for clearer skin, diabetes, HBP, anemia, hypothyroidism & or anything else,” the answer is usually layered.
Hence the reason why we have over 60 different juice blends. We always create your order based on the answers to our questionnaire, if requested utilizing the toggle option on the item page.


If you are a more experienced juicer and you want to select your own juices you may absolutely do so! Simply select “yes” where it asks if you’d like to select from our menu.

I want your order is complete, we will email a host of juice blends for you to select from at least 24-48hours prior to your delivery/pickup.
This way you decide what you receive. Why? Because you’re a PRO!

NOTE: You do not have to suffer from any ailment to order with TRG. if you’re simply looking to maintain wellness on a regular and consistent basis, we gotcha!

*If you’re in a recurring weekly, biweekly or monthly delivery (in GA or out of state) your order will contain new blends in every single delivery/pickup.

This is the primary reason behind why we‘ve created over 60+ different juice blends.

Get It. Got It. Good.


If needed, simply email

What time will my delivery arrive?

In The State Of Georgia?
We've adopted the old school milkman philosophy; we'd never bring you MILK! Yuk!
Our deliveries begin daily at 3:45am and run until 8pm in set time blocks.

We ALWAYS make sure you get your order even if we have to shift a bit to make it happen. You'll receive specific details via text notification so be SURE to add a good number to your checkout form.

Overnight Shipments?
Your order arrives via UPS between 8:30am-8:30pm. Your tracking number is sent via text notification, email or both 1-2 days prior to your delivery date.

Why do some orders render one delivery and others render two or more deliveries?

In short, our juices are made fresh on a daily basis.

❌No artificial flavor
❌No preservatives and
❌No water (unless it’s fresh coconut water) is added to our juices.

You will get every nutrient and enzyme by any means! This is why you’ll always feel great, look amazing, sleep well and wake up more alert after consumption.

Pure organic juice cannot sit for any extended period of time like juice that’s sold on the shelf.
It’s a sacrifice that we are willing to make to assure you get every mineral, PERIOD.

Why Should I Juice?

We believe that juicing daily is one of many awesome ways to reboot your body, restore your energy, refresh your skin and much more.
At a glance, juicing:

Allows your digestive system a break from digesting foods
Promotes natural & healthy weight loss
Supports a healthy immune system via fasting
Raises the pH level in the body
Promotes healthy gut microbiome
Improves blood circulation
Is an energizer
Significantly reduces inflammation
Draw out acids in the body
Is loaded with antioxidants


Tag-a-longs are items like our wellness shots, Irish Sea moss and smaller items that are able to be added to your juice order.

Listen, we love every single of of ya and we want ALL of you well……. but we ain’t drivin’ 30miles and delivering 3 immunity shots. Just add’em to your juice order.

I'm ordering for multiple people, how do I do that in one order?

If you are ordering for yourself, mate, child and anyone else the questionnaire part is easy.

Simply add:
Your name – answers
Mate’s name – answers
Child’s name – answers
and so on!

I'm ready to start, what's next?

Determine which package size (one juice per day, two juices per day, three juices per day, our 3-4 day cleanse or gallon selection) suits your specific need.

-Add your selections to the cart
-Complete the questionnaire
-Select the delivery date and checkout (allow the calendar to populate as the dates change by the minute).

Reminder: If you’d like to select your own juices select YES where it asks. “Would You Like To Select Your Own Juices From Our Menu?” and we’ll promptly email 5-10 specific options for you to select from for your delivery.

If you have any questions about any of this feel free to call, email, text or DM via IG right away.


What's a detox/cleanse?

The juices for cleansing/detoxing always contain specific vegetables, herbs and fruits geared toward flushing the liver, kidneys, and skin where many of our toxins are stored. More specifically we use a variety of blends that include dandelion leaf, red & golden beets, grapefruit (if no HBP diagnosis, parsley, basil, cilantro, burdock root and more.)

If you simply want a fresh start, you will still receive the same benefits within a non detox package (clearer skin, increased energy, weight loss).

Detoxing is just a more direct focus toward flushing the stuff that makes us feel yucky!

Should I eat food when detoxing?
We’ll leave this up to you. If you are mentally prepared to consume just juice and water alone, go for it!
You are the only one who has the best answer for this. We simply say “Listen to your body!”
It’ll tell you everything you need to know about how you are and how you have been treating it, or NOT.
We support your decision either way. If you decide to consume foods during your juice journey, we will always provide you with a complete list of recommended foods to avoid and increase during your juice journey.

How often should I cleanse?

Your body will always be the first to let you know how you are treating it……. OR NOT!

Though we recommend a 3 – 6 day juice cleanse at least once every two months (with weekly/biweekly juicing in between), you and your body dictate the answer to this question.

Should I drink my order in any specific sequence?

When cleansing or initiating a fresh start package we recommend consuming your juice in the order in which we’ve suggested via your personal email.

Feel free to mix it up as you see fit, we’re here to offer suggestions, not boss ya around. Well, all except “DRINK ALL OF YOUR JUICE!”

Do I have to fill out the questionnaire over and over?

In short, nope. If you are placing a new weekly, bi-weekly or once per month order and none of your replies have changed, skip right on over it once you reach that point in your checkout cart.

The questionnaire only needs to be updated if an allergy, intolerance or diagnoses have changed. Otherwise, keep it moving so we can get to that doorstep!

How long will my juices last?

Our juices are unpasteurized, which means the enzymes and good bacteria are still alive.

Your order (16oz bottles) can be delivered frozen upon request (in and out of state) and can last in the freezer for up to 3 months. If not frozen your juices will last up to 7 days; hence our some of our packages which render two fresh doorstep deliveries.

Our gallon deliveries must be consumed with in four days.

Does TRG Ship The Large Gallons?

YES! We’ve added shipping across the entire U.S.A. for all of our 128oz gallons listed on our “Gallons” tab.

Are the jucies dairy and gluten free?

YES! We are a nut and dairy free juice company too!

Recurring Deliveries/Pickups

If you are in Georgia and have set up an automatic weekly, biweekly or once per month order, your order will be delivered on Sunday or Monday of each week. This is always communicated to you via text communication, from our team.

If you are out of GA and have set up an automatic weekly, biweekly or once per month order, your tracking details will be communicated to you via text communication, from our team.

If you are in either of the above and wish to pause your delivery due to travel/etc, we must receive emailed communication (via or ) within five days of your order due date or your payment will still draft from the preferred payment method on file.

Do You Have TRG Gift Cards?

YES! Gift Cards Are Located On The Gallons, Kiddie (Juice) Cocktails and Gift Cards Tab

You Have Two Gift Options:
One Juice Per Day For Five Days or
Two Juices Per Day For Five Days.


No Refunds.
We shop, prep
and produce each order fresh.
Each order is made specific to the individual and unable  to be resold.

Last-minute delivery locations, pickup changes and or order adjustments made on behalf of
the customer will be billed / denied at the discretion of management.

No Exceptions