I started The Right Greens in an effort to simplify wellness via juicing and deliver the convenience of wellness right to your doorstep.

It began with my husband who at the time was overweight, had HBP, acid reflux, and the threat of gallbladder removal. He became what I call my “Crash Test Dummy" 

The doctors would say, “take this pill today, try these meds for a week or, we’re going to give you this shot,” and we were then told to follow up after each crash test.

We grew severely tired! Heck! I was TIRED!

As his wife, I decided to become the primary cook, my husband was sick (on a regular basis), our children had poor eating habits, plus crazy sugar cravings. It was up to me to make the SHIFT!

I started the process with juicing.

My hunny, our boys and I each began drinking fresh juice 2-3x daily.

And Yes! we still eat food, the major difference was that we no longer desired unhealthy food choices because our cravings drastically changed.

The short story…… my husband quickly lost 20lbs, my debilitating migraines stopped & our two boys completely lost their desire for sugar/junk foods.

It was in those moments that I KNEW I wouldn’t keep this goodness to myself!

Soon, I began juicing for my coworkers, they told others about what they were personally experiencing and it unexpectedly
began to grow EXPONENTIALLY.

I had already obtained my B.S. and many years of in depth studying of fruits, vegetables & herbs... moreover, I learned
to LISTEN to the need of each juicer as if you’re my own family.

To date we’ve created over 60+ effective juice recipes.

It’s really important for us that we honor you right where you are as every journey is different while we serve the beginner, intermediate & experienced juicers, not just in Georgia but across the map.

Again, we say welcome!